Nek on Fameroll to support Nuovi Orizzonti

18/04/2018 by Fameroll

Nuovi Orizzonti is an international community that aims to intervene in all areas facing social hardship by conducting actions of solidarity to support those in serious difficulty and need, with particular attention to the many problems faced by street children and youngsters. To respond to the many challenges our community has to face today, Nuovi Orrizonti is engaged in numerous social activities such as the creation of recovery communities, domestic shelters, support groups, welcoming communities for single mothers and youth centers for street children. Filippo Neviani aka Nek, one of Italy’s most popular and internationally renowned artists, believes in these objectives and has decided to support them as well by subscribing to the Fameroll App. So, with Fameroll, any of his fans and supporters who wish to make a donation to Nuovi Orizzonti will receive a personalized video message from Nek made just for them. Thanks to your support, you will help a worthy charitable cause and enjoy the thrill of receiving a special video message recorded just for you or to give as a gift to someone. Have fun, do good with Nek, Nuovi Orizzonti and Fameroll!

Massimo Bottura on Fameroll to support Food For Soul

18/04/2018 by Fameroll

Food for Soul is a non-profit organization founded by chef Massimo Bottura to empower communities to fight food waste through social inclusion. It works with various partners in both the private and public sector to create and sustain community kitchens around the world, their main goal is to transform neglected spaces into warm and full-service social hubs and to welcome not only individuals that usually come from situations of social vulnerability and food insecurity, but the whole community. Meals are made from surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. Markets, supermarkets, producers and suppliers donate perfectly edible, quality food that is transformed into nutritious three-course menus. Food For Soul is supported by worldwide professional chefs, small and large producers, architects, artists and designers who share their creativity, skills and expertise to make each place an impactful and inspiring one as nourishment is for the body as well as the soul. For this very reason, great care is also taken in choosing the right tableware so as to create a welcoming environment where guests can enjoy their meal and socialize, and where local communities can rediscover the beauty and warmth of hospitality. These community kitchens are not pop-ups restaurants but have been designed to continue for a long time and to raise awareness on the issues of food waste and social isolation. Massimo Bottura believes in these goals and has also decided to support them through his subscription to the Fameroll app. So, with Fameroll, anyone who wishes to support Food for Soul will receive a personalized video message from the chef. Thanks to your support you will help a charitable cause and feel the thrill of receiving a special video message just for you or to give as a gift to someone. Have fun, do good with Massimo Bottura, Food For Soul and Fameroll!

Federica Monacelli on Fameroll to support Be Woman

18/04/2018 by Fameroll

The Be Woman Association was founded with the aim of creating a community united by the same mission: to make women aware of their own value and dignity through sport. Be Woman provides support in identifying factors that might pose a threat to women such as psychological violence or certain attitudes and behaviors they have to put up with from their partners that restrict their freedom, dignity and personality by offending, denigrating, insulting and controlling them with the scope of hurting, repressing, humiliating them, making them fragile and manipulating them. Women, through sports activities, have the chance to frequent new environments, become part of a social circle that is very different to the one they’ve always been accustomed to and they can often overcome traumatic and difficult situations by simply enjoying themselves. Federica Monacelli, the Italian boxing champion and co-founder of this non-profit organization, believes in these objectives and has decided to support them as well by subscribing to the Fameroll app. In fact, with Fameroll, Federica’s fans who wish to make a donation to Be Woman will receive a personalized video message recorded especially for them. Thanks to your support, you can help a worthy cause and enjoy the thrill of receiving a video message dedicated to you or to give as a gift to someone. Have fun, do good with Federica Monacelli, Be Woman and Fameroll!

Andrea Petagna on Fameroll to support Insuperabili Onlus

05/03/2018 by Fameroll

INSUPERABILI is a non-profit organization that was established following the story of a young girl suffering from Down Syndrome whose friends, Davide Leonardi and Ezio Grosso, decided one day to look around for a football school she could join to practice her favourite sport. It proved to be a very difficult and complex undertaking that unfortunately didn’t produce any results. Finally, after many failed attempts to find a school, both of them came up with an idea: why not set up a school that caters for people with disabilities and where they would be free to come and go as they please to play a sport like football? Consequently, this led to the founding of “Insuperabili”, an organization dedicated to promoting Football Schools for individuals with physical, cognitive, interpersonal or behavioural disabilities. Today, the School has opened up other football training grounds in Italy in 10 different cities, from Lecce to Genova, with over 300 members and its mission is to promote sport, fair play and respect for opponents. For youngsters, learning how to become part of a team means counting on their own personal strengths as well as those of their fellow team mates and thereby help them to build up their own self-esteem and acknowledge that being different can be a plus and not a sign of weakness but, more than anything else, make them realize that they have nothing to be ashamed of. From being disabled, to becoming “Insuperable”! The footballer Andrea Petagna, who plays for Atlanta and Italy, believes in this objective and has decided to support it as well by subscribing to the Fameroll App. In fact, with Fameroll, any of Andrea’s fans and supporters who wish to make a donation to INSUPERABILI will receive a personalized video message. Thanks to your support, you can help a worthy charitable cause and enjoy the thrill of receiving a special video message made especially for you or to give as a gift to someone. Have fun, do good and surprise your friends together with Andrea Petagna, INSUPERABILI and Fameroll!

art4sport: Our first Charity Partner

18/12/2017 by Fameroll

Fameroll is delighted to welcome art4sport ONLUS as the first Charity Partner to believe in our common goal: turn a simple everyday thing, like taking a video with your smartphone, into something really special for a charitable cause and by doing so, help change people’s lives. Art4sport ONLUS was set up after the difficult but extraordinary experience of Beatrice ‘Bebe’ Vio, the world champion Paralympic fencer and gold winner in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio who firmly believes that sport is a therapy for youngsters and kids with prosthetic limbs to enable them to recuperate their strength both physically and mentally. Her aim is to help financially and support from an organizational point of view the families of kids with prostheses so as to allow them to get out every day and enjoy themselves through sports and play. So, by purchasing via Fameroll a personalized video message from the celebrities who support this Onlus, you’ll be making two dreams come true with just one simple purchase: firstly, you’ll be getting in touch with your favourite stars and secondly, you’ll be giving the chance to some youngsters, thanks to the donations received, to take up sport for their physical wellbeing and to better integrate them into society.

Fameroll: the idea

18/12/2017 by Fameroll

Our team has a young way of thinking, all under 27, we grew up in a small town but that didn’t stop us from having big dreams. Our generation cannot live without our phones but what makes us different was that we felt it would be great if for only once this digital device could become instrumental in gifting a genuine smile to someone instead of just being used for promotions, creating hashtags or collecting likes. Just like that Fameroll came into being the focal point of connection between stars and their fans; a multi-media platform containing videos designed to make people’s dreams come true and that offers celebrities the possibility of satisfying not only the wishes of their fans with a special dedication for their eyes only but also those wishes of many people who see their lives being transformed, thanks to the funds that are donated to charities.