About Fameroll

The concept idea came across to us because we wanted to turn an everyday activity, like taking a video with your smartphone, into something useful and very special for charitable causes so that this could help change people’s lives.

Our team has a young way of thinking, all under 27, we grew up in a small town but that didn’t stop us from having big dreams.
Our generation cannot live without our phones but what makes us different was that we felt it would be great if for only once this digital device could become instrumental in gifting a genuine smile to someone instead of just being used for promotions, creating hashtags or collecting likes.
Just like that Fameroll came into being the focal point of connection between stars and their fans; a multi-media platform
containing videos designed to make people’s dreams come true and that offers celebrities the possibility of satisfying not only the wishes of their fans with a special dedication for their eyes only but also those wishes of many people who see their lives being transformed, thanks to the funds that are donated to charities.
Thanks to the graphic designers of I am a Bean, a leading digital graphics agency that was responsible for the entire creation and launching of the platform, Fameroll has now become a real superstar of the web.

Diletta Bussinello

Chairman & Co-founder

Leonardo Cristoni


Guglielmo Gibertini


Francesco Pivetti