Papu Gomez on Fameroll to support Insuperabili Onlus

02/05/2019 by Fameroll

INSUPERABILI is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Football Schools for individuals with physical, cognitive, interpersonal or behavioral disabilities, the school’s mission is to promote sport, fair play and respect for opponents. For youngsters, learning how to become part of a team means counting on their own personal strengths as well as those of their fellow team mates and thereby help them to build up their own self-esteem and acknowledge that being different can be a plus and not a sign of weakness but, more than anything else, make them realize that they have nothing to be ashamed of. From being disabled, to becoming “Insuperable”! The footballer Alejandro Darío Gómez, better known as Papu Gómez, believes in this objective and has decided to support it as well by subscribing to the Fameroll App. In fact, with Fameroll, any of Papu’s fans and supporters who wish to make a donation to INSUPERABILI will receive a personalized video message. Thanks to your support, you can help a worthy charitable cause and enjoy the thrill of receiving a special video message made especially for you or to give as a gift to someone. Have fun, do good and surprise your friends together with Papu Gómez, INSUPERABILI and Fameroll!