art4sport: Our first Charity Partner

18/12/2017 by Fameroll

Fameroll is delighted to welcome art4sport ONLUS as the first Charity Partner to believe in our common goal: turn a simple everyday thing, like taking a video with your smartphone, into something really special for a charitable cause and by doing so, help change people’s lives. Art4sport ONLUS was set up after the difficult but extraordinary experience of Beatrice ‘Bebe’ Vio, the world champion Paralympic fencer and gold winner in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio who firmly believes that sport is a therapy for youngsters and kids with prosthetic limbs to enable them to recuperate their strength both physically and mentally. Her aim is to help financially and support from an organizational point of view the families of kids with prostheses so as to allow them to get out every day and enjoy themselves through sports and play. So, by purchasing via Fameroll a personalized video message from the celebrities who support this Onlus, you’ll be making two dreams come true with just one simple purchase: firstly, you’ll be getting in touch with your favourite stars and secondly, you’ll be giving the chance to some youngsters, thanks to the donations received, to take up sport for their physical wellbeing and to better integrate them into society.