Federica Monacelli on Fameroll to support Be Woman

18/04/2018 by Fameroll

The Be Woman Association was founded with the aim of creating a community united by the same mission: to make women aware of their own value and dignity through sport. Be Woman provides support in identifying factors that might pose a threat to women such as psychological violence or certain attitudes and behaviors they have to put up with from their partners that restrict their freedom, dignity and personality by offending, denigrating, insulting and controlling them with the scope of hurting, repressing, humiliating them, making them fragile and manipulating them. Women, through sports activities, have the chance to frequent new environments, become part of a social circle that is very different to the one they’ve always been accustomed to and they can often overcome traumatic and difficult situations by simply enjoying themselves. Federica Monacelli, the Italian boxing champion and co-founder of this non-profit organization, believes in these objectives and has decided to support them as well by subscribing to the Fameroll app. In fact, with Fameroll, Federica’s fans who wish to make a donation to Be Woman will receive a personalized video message recorded especially for them. Thanks to your support, you can help a worthy cause and enjoy the thrill of receiving a video message dedicated to you or to give as a gift to someone. Have fun, do good with Federica Monacelli, Be Woman and Fameroll!