Nek on Fameroll to support Nuovi Orizzonti

18/04/2018 by Fameroll

Nuovi Orizzonti is an international community that aims to intervene in all areas facing social hardship by conducting actions of solidarity to support those in serious difficulty and need, with particular attention to the many problems faced by street children and youngsters. To respond to the many challenges our community has to face today, Nuovi Orrizonti is engaged in numerous social activities such as the creation of recovery communities, domestic shelters, support groups, welcoming communities for single mothers and youth centers for street children. Filippo Neviani aka Nek, one of Italy’s most popular and internationally renowned artists, believes in these objectives and has decided to support them as well by subscribing to the Fameroll App. So, with Fameroll, any of his fans and supporters who wish to make a donation to Nuovi Orizzonti will receive a personalized video message from Nek made just for them. Thanks to your support, you will help a worthy charitable cause and enjoy the thrill of receiving a special video message recorded just for you or to give as a gift to someone. Have fun, do good with Nek, Nuovi Orizzonti and Fameroll!